"It Takes Two"

GO TIGER! Is a significant wellness brand for kids (ages 2 and up), with a primary goal of two cubs, Tiger and Teena, who are on a global mission to get children fit and active, and help them develop a healthy lifestyle!

With caring hearts, the GO TIGER! cubs will also help parents prevent their kids from getting life-threatening illnesses, because of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. (There are 23 million of our nation’s children that are in danger, due to childhood obesity). It has become a nationwide epidemic, and nearly $14 billion a year (direct health cost); is being spent to fight the disease, which is why Tiger and Teena are on a serious journey — to give children HOPE!


The GO TIGER! brand is a wonderful source for news; advice / tips for parents and guardians, who are looking to create a healthier way of life for their children. And when it comes to health and fitness, Tiger and Teena are excellent role models for children. They are so phenomenally good at what they do that both cubs are classified as “All-Stars!”

Besides playing sports / exercising and, dancing … Tiger and Teena love to cook! They enjoy sharing their favorite recipes with kids; to help them make all the right choices, especially when it comes to eating vegetables and fruits. And thanks to the ‘caring’ cubs, kids can (now) stay on a good, daily regiment!


“A Brand With a Purpose!”